Just The Facts In Emergency Medicine

Introducing Just The Facts In Emergency Medicine
PDA Edition

Just The Facts In Emergency Medicine, PDA Edition is the perfect tool to prepare for in-service or licensing exams, for recertification, or for use as a clinical refresher.

Features include:

Simply jot it down
Stop writing on really small pieces of paper and then trying to find that paper later among the tall stack of notes you have accumulated. We have a better way to take notes. Just The Facts In Emergency Medicine, PDA Edition features on-the-fly note taking. Need to jot down a tip to remember the steps of a procedure or something you learned in the hospital that day that is a good example of what is being explained in the content? Just tap on the notes icon in the toolbar and tap on "Add/Edit Notes" and enter in a title and text and then tap on the save button. To view your notes later on tap on the note icon and tap "View Notes". Tap on a title to view the note and make any changes. It's that easy.

Don't lose your place
With the textbook you can always save your place by folding down the corner of a page or inserting your favorite bookmark. Why shouldn't you be able to do this with the PDA version as well? Just The Facts In Emergency Medicine, PDA Edition includes a fast and simple bookmark feature. When you've navigated your way down to a piece of content you know you'll what to look back at again with ease, just tap on the bookmark icon in the toolbar and tap on "Add Bookmarks" and enter in a title and tap "Save". That's it, your place has been saved. To view your bookmarks tap the bookmark icon and tap "View Bookmarks". Click on any title that you've saved to be taken right to the content you bookmarked.

* What is a 12 month Subscription
A 12 month Subscription entitles you to 12 months of automatic content and application updates. When the program is installed to your PDA, simply synchronize your PDA with your computer while connected to the internet to receive the latest updates. You can still use the application after the 12 month subscription expires, but you will no longer receive updates.

PC requirements:
- Windows 98/NT/2000/XP with 128MB Ram and 16MB for Palm/68MB for PPC on hard drive
- Palm Desktop 4.1.4 or greater (if using Palm)
- Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 or greater (if using PocketPC)

Palm PDA requirements:
- Palm OS 3.2 or greater
- 8.7 MB of available memory (additional main memory may be needed when installed to memory card*)

PocketPC PDA requirements:
- Windows CE 3.0/Windows Mobile 2000 or greater
- 16.2 MB of available memory
- Only devices with touch screens are supported
*all VFS compliant memory cards and memory sticks are compatible